Applying For Jobs Online: Tips for Completing Online Job Applications

Applying For Jobs Online: Tips for Completing Online Job Applications

If you are looking for a job, you may soon find yourself filling out online job applications. Here are some helpful tips to assist you with the process.

Have your typed resume handy. If you composed a professional resume on your computer, you can save time by copying and pasting certain aspects of your resume. For example, key in the company name and the dates you worked there, but copy and paste the bigger and more important job duties and tasks performed. If you apply for 100 jobs over the course of two months, this simple action of copying and pasting parts of your resume into an online application will save a considerable amount of time.

Do use spell check. When most job seekers write a resume, they do in Microsoft Word and are able to take advantage of spell check. That is another benefit of copying and pasting important aspects of your resume into an online job form. However, what if you do not have a resume to copy and paste? Double check your spelling. Some internet browsers, such as Firefox, have spell check built in, ensuring you don’t misspell any words on your resume.

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Don’t stop in the middle of filling out an online job application unless you are able to save your work and return later (a number of companies do offer this feature on their online job applications). A simple 15 minute break can turn into hours if you get sidetracked with housework, another online task, and so forth. By the time you get back to your online job application, the page may have timed out. Eliminate wasted time and work by saving your application or completing the online process at once.

If you are also given the option to attach your computer generated resume, do so. However, many companies require you to fill out their online application and then you can optionally attach a resume. Do this as your resume will typically contain more information than what an online application asks for. On that same note, fill out the job application form if asked to; don’t just write “see attached resume,” as this creates a lazy impression.

Submitting online job applications

When submitting online job applications, it is only natural to wonder “did my application go through?” Unlike submitting a job application in person, you do not actually see a person accept it. Many companies will send an automatically generated thank you for applying email, but not all companies do. Unless you receive an error message, do not submit your job application more than once. It is frowned upon by hiring managers and, even though this may not be your intent, it may appear as if you are jamming them with so many resumes that you will get their attention.

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