How a Cover Letter Can Improve the Chances of Getting New Online Job

How a Cover Letter Can Improve the Chances of Getting New Online Job

Numbers of services providers or freelancers in online job portals are growing with every second. Small business is the number one buyer of these services and due to inexpensive pay rates and ease of getting work done, now most of small business owners like this process more than ever. On the other hand, for service providers, it becomes hard to get jobs on reasonable rates consistently and regularly because competition is high.

For example, admin support, SEO and Web design are the most saturated categories at all job portals. If a data entry job is posted, you will see that hundreds of applicants will be there looking to get work and qualify. Pay rate is one of the major concerns used to attract the buyer and people bid with lowest pay rates to win the job.

In a high competitive environment, it becomes hard to get a job you are looking for. So, how you can stand out of the crowd? Is there any way to show you unique from other applicants? Yes, of-course there are few tips which can make a change and can enable one to look different and look the right person at the first impression.

How to Write Wining Cover Letter, Job Application, Bid or Proposal

So a cover letter or job application or what so ever is named on the job portal you are working on, is the only thing which can show some miracles. People don’t concentrate on the job details and don’t write working proposals and just fire their pre-made or just useless details of their experience and previous work history. Take following quick steps to write a winning job application:-

  • Read the job details carefully, think that what are the requirements of the job

  • Write few words about the demand of that particular job

  • Show only relevant skills and experience as seen in the job details

  • Add some example, sample or links of previous similar work

  • Talk about the time frame needed to complete the work

  • Ask questions and ask for more information to completely understand the work

  • Be professional, don’t over-promise and don’t offer much, which may lead you to troubles at later stages of work

  • Usage of formal language in cover letters is recommended

These tips may seem too much at the first glance and you may not be able to follow all in the next application. But if you try to start following them gradually, after a while, your proposals will bring you new jobs or at-least responses from clients. The process of writing a good cover letter becomes much easier if you think from the client perspective before applying.

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